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Poltergeist Treasure is an absurdist comedy point & click adventure game set in the strange (and often silly) magical land of Artovya, but actually just in a forest.

As the brave knight Sir Typhil of Creulor continues his quest to bring a unicorn to the castle and be crowned king, he finds himself trapped in a haunted forest by a malevolent ghost.

As with all of the games in the series, Poltergeist Treasure is mainly a point & click adventure, but with elements of other types of games present as well. In this episode, a section of the game is a top-down stealth game.

As stated immediately above, this is a point & click adventure game and thus contains the standard compliment of point & click adventure game features including:

  • Walking around from place to place by pointing and clicking!
  • Talking to NPC's by choosing dialog options and receiving witty responses!
  • Picking up everything that isn't nailed down and putting it in your inventory!
  • Using your inventory items on objects or people in the world in order to solve puzzles!
  • Using your inventory items on other inventory items in order to solve puzzles!
  • Using your inventory items on absolutely everything you see because you're stuck on this puzzle and can't figure out what to do!
  • Literally slapping yourself in the face because that puzzle solution was so obvious and yet it took you 20 minutes to figure it out!

Also, as already stated, a portion of the game is a top-down stealth game, and as such contains the following features:

  • Walk around and avoid obstacles, some of which are moving!
  • um... yeah... that's pretty much all the features of a top-down stealth game.

While a stand-alone game in its own right, this game continues the over-arching story from Unicorn Dungeon:


And is followed in the series by Leprechaun Shadow:



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