A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This local whorehouse is in a bit of a slump these days. The girls bring in some folks from the big city to help drum up business. But there might just be a mess of trouble headed their way.

Made in less than 2 weeks for AdventureX Jam 2020


Click things to interact with them. There is no examine interaction.

There are things you can interact with outdoors, but you have to be close enough to them while outdoors to interact with them.

Inventory is at the top of the screen if you move your mouse there. Select items and click them on things to use them.

While indoors, click to walk.

While outdoors, WAD to walk (No S because people don't generally walk backwards)

Press SHIFT to toggle Run. You don't have to hold it down.

F to get in your truck, must be right beside the driver side door to do this. Also F to get out of your truck if you are in it

WASD to drive the truck. SPACE is the handbreak.

If you flip over or get stuck somewhere in your truck, press P. This will move you to a safe location upright. DO NOT get out of your truck if it's not upright. This could lead to falling through the terrain.


Windows Executable 2.8 GB
Mac 2.8 GB


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Good game for 2 weeks!  If only it was a bit more optimized the truck driving might have been fun instead of a hassle... I somehow made it to that dinner with 2 seconds left on the clock =] 

The models have too many ploygons, I suspect. The loading times are massive.

it says when i try to unzip, you cannot use source as same resource as destination or something like that